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Are you a long time fan and feeling a little nostalagic? Do you miss the immature nonsense from the old Voodoo DeVille site? Well, not to worry, just click on the image below to go to our old web site. Enjoy!
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Steve Steve Cocchi a.k.a. "The Professor" Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Steve, originally from Folsom, PA, started his musical career as drummer, but as a teenager in the late '70's, he followed in the footsteps of his older brother Bob (an accomplished guitarist and Berklee College of Music graduate) and took up the guitar.  He's been playing in bands ever since. For a number of years after high school, he worked as a full time musician and during that period learned to play keyboards. Soon he was playing keys more than the guitar. During this time he played in just about every type of band imaginable -- Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Motown, Pop, and even Country & Western. In 2001, Steve joined Voodoo DeVille, his first foray into the blues. He plays both keyboards and guitar with Voodoo DeVille and also performs both lead and backing vocals.
Buddy Buddy Cleveland a.k.a. "Pops" Harp, Vocals

Harp player and vocalist Buddy Cleveland grew up in Rockville, MD. He had the privilege of seeing Muddy Waters at a live show in the late '70's. It was immediately clear that Muddy was the real deal and he started down the road with the blues and hasn't looked back. He picked up the harp shortly after that but didn't get too serious until he got to know the outstanding DC area blues guitarist Mike "Junior" Tash of the Bad Influence Band. Mike gave him lots of encouragement and even invited Buddy sit in with his band on occasion. In 1999, after moving to the Philadelphia area, Buddy joined the Voodoo DeVille band. He also performs regularly with the Georgie Bonds band. Buddy is an avid harp gear collector (we're not sure why his wife lets him get away with it.). Click here to check out his gear page.

Lori Cushman "Lucky" Lori Cushman Vocals, Tambourine
Lori joined the band full-time in early 2013. Her powerful vocals and exuberant stage presence bring a whole new dimension to the band. True to her mantra, "enthusiasm is more important than talent," you can always count on her to be the most energetic person in the room. She has sung in a number of Rock bands, but this is her first foray into the Blues. However, her Aretha Franklin, Susan Tedeschi, and Janis Joplin roots have made it an easy and seamless transition. As an added bonus, Lori says that her gift to the audience is that you can "count on her to be the worst dancer in the room so that no one feels silly on the dance floor when she's around."
Ray Ray Bentley a.k.a. "T-Bone" Bass Guitar
Like his partner in the Voodoo DeVille rhythm section, Ray is originally from Wilmington, DE. A long time Blues fan, Ray first picked the bass in the mid-1990's. He was a founding member of the band that ultimately became Voodoo DeVille. He's been holding down the bottom end for Voodoo DeVille since 1999. Ray is a huge fan of Willie Dixon's simple, clean bass style -- he stays in the background, always in the pocket (and usually in key). He's a frustrated singer/songwriter and feels that the rest of the band is holding him back through nefarious means. To date, he's the only band member holding that opinion.
George George Dulchinos a.k.a. "Rooster" Vocals, Guitar
George plays rhythm and lead guitar as well as singing backing and lead vocals. He's the master of the Chuck Berry groove on his Telecaster. Along with Ray Bentley he's one of the founding members of Voodoo DeVille. Originally from the Boston area, George shelled out $4 for his first guitar lesson and Mel Bay instructional book in 1972. However, he was not a good student, disappointed to find that the songs on the radio were not in the book. Fortunately, he has been able to compensate for the lack of education - after 20 years with Voodoo Deville, his fellow band mates can hardly tell he does not read music. He is a fan of blues, country, rock and roll, and surf music and finds the most difficult part of any song is obtaining the bass player's approval to play it!
Greg Zeller Greg Zeller a.k.a. "Doctor Z" Drums
Greg is the newest member of the band, stepping in for the band's original drummer, John Gooding, who retired in 2018. Greg has had a long and storied career in the music industry. Although Greg's musical passion has always focused on percussion, his first instrument was the 5-string banjo. Greg says, "it's the only instrument with a drum head on it my parents would let me get at a young age." Drums followed quickly along with bass guitar playing bass in the junior and senior high stage band and then on to guitar. After studying with a number of world renown teachers in New York, Greg followed his dream starting by playing in many local bands while at the same time teaching privately and working in a local music store. Greg's performance credits include Disney's EPCOT Center, Royal Caribbean Cruise line, NBC Today Show, Central Park New York performing in a Mass with Pope John Paul II, QVC shopping network, Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Valley Forge Music Fair, Bethlehem Music Festival main stage, Philadelphia Folk Festival main stage, Memphis Blues festival and many more. Greg also worked for Sabian Cymbals for approximately 14 years. Greg now sets the groove for Voodoo Deville and loves every minute of it!
Paul Paul Cleveland a.k.a. "Cannonball" Tenor Saxophone
Paul, originally from Gaithersburg, MD, started playing piano and clarinet early in elementary school and played in concert bands, symphonic bands, and marching bands all the way through high school. When he was a sophomore in high school, he wanted to try out for the high school jazz band so he started to play the saxophone just a month or so before the jazz band auditions were to be held. Not only did he pass the audition, he ultimately became the first tenor for the jazz band. He's been a lover of blues and swing from a very early age. By the time he was a junior in high school he was playing the tenor saxophone regularly with the Voodoo DeVille band. Paul has continued with the band through college at Villanova and Law School at Drexel. He's now a practicing attorney keeping the streets of Chester County safe, working with the county's judicial system.

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