Our Music

Voodoo DeVille is dedicated to the blues and American roots music.  One might conceivably ask what do a bunch of middle age, middle class white boys know about the blues?  Fair question.  Have we lived lives of "hard luck and trouble"?  Well, we've all had our ups and down, but hard luck and trouble?  Not really.  Can we even imagine the oppression, brutality, and discrimination from which the blues emerged?  Not likely.  But what we can recognize and appreciate is the incredible spirit that transcended the worst of the American experience to create what is the best of truly American music.  It is a music full of contradictions.  It represents the best of America but emerged from the worst of America.  The blues seems deceptively simple to play yet it can take a lifetime to figure out how to really play them well, if even then.  It's structure seems very simple and restrictive yet it is a source of inexhaustible invention, innovation, and variation.  Every song is something new but at the same time inextricably linked to past.  We love the blues.  We think it's the best of the music America has to offer.  Whenever we play, we always do it with a large measure of respect, admiration, and awe for the many giants of the blues -- those we know today and the uncounted number who remain unknown -- who gave each of us such an incredible legacy.  (We also have more far more fun than we should reasonably be allowed at our age -- so please don't turn us in to the Fun Police!)