Plowboy grew up just west of Chicago -- the home of the blues -- in a town called Seattle, Washington.  Growing up at the foot of majestic Mt. Rainier, Plow's early years were happy.  All that changed of course after his family was terrorized one night as Bigfoot stalked outside of their house for nearly an hour.  He and his father emerged cautiously from the house at sunrise to survey the damage wrought by Bigfoot's rampage.  Tree limbs were broken, shrubbery stomped on, and bushes pull from the ground.  The thought of a creature that could wreak such havoc was scary enough, but the most traumatic moment was yet to come.  As Plowboy rounded the corner of the house, he stepped in something warm and moist.  He looked down to find he had come face-to-face with Bigfoot's calling card.  Bigfoot had apparently eaten Mexican the night before.  Plow seldom speaks of it today but when he does, the terror rushes back.

As Plow entered his teenage years, he fell prey to the same forces many young men in Seattle, particularly those with an interest in music, succumb to -- grunge music and coffee.

Late in the year 2000, Plowboy began to consider moving on in order to devote time to other musical pursuits.  While he found these activities stimulating and rewarding, he was tormented day and night as he tried to make his decision as to whether to leave the band or not.  What would he do without his weekly Voodoo injection?  Sadly, the cruel and inexorable logic of his situation led to the inevitable end of the Plowboy's tenure with the band.  No longer able to cope with the internal conflict, he went on a drinking binge and  was later found lying lifeless in a gutter on the mean streets of Honeybrook, PA.  Apparently, when his money ran out, Plowboy resorted to drinking Sterno (later confirmed to have been stolen from beneath the chafing dishes at wedding reception at the Honeybrook Motor Lodge & Chapel that he stumbled into in his drunken state).  When the paramedics arrived on the scene they at first thought he was a goner, apparently from aspirating his own vomit (well, they didn't really think that, but they decided to declare him dead so they wouldn't have to do mouth-to-mouth on him).   However, as they were zipping up the body bag, Plowboy suddenly sat up and asked if anyone had seen his car keys.  Plowboy eventually recovered with only minor mental incapacity.  Sadly, he still roams the streets of Philadelphia and Chester County, approaching strangers and mumbling something about the Paul Reid Smith floating bridge and broken guitar strings.