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Lookin' For the Promised Land (2005)
Our second CD - Lookin' For The Promised Land - includes a number of original songs.  In these songs, as well as the cover songs, you can hear Voodoo DeVille's own distinctive style of American Roots music emerging.  The humor that is threaded through many of the songs is a reflection of the real joy we experience in playing our music, which we hope we can pass on to our listening audience.

Lookin' For The Promised Land (Cleveland)
Three Legged Dog (Cleveland)
Jumpin' Rockin' Rhythm (Robillard)
Options (Cleveland)
I Fought The Law (Curtis)
T-Bone Boogie (Glenn/Walker)
Get Over Youself (Cleveland)
Screamin' Into My Pillow (Cleveland)
Hootchie Cootchie Coo (Ballard)
Country Ham Boogie (Cleveland)
Don't Matter How Good She Looks (Cleveland)
Brand New Cadillac (Taylor)
Good Man (James)
Blues Affliction (Cleveland)

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Motorvator (2002)
If it's fun to play, then it's in our set list and our first CD - Motorvator - reflects this approach to our music.   When we picked the songs for this CD, we had no message to send, no agenda in mind.  We simply picked the songs that we love to play.  It covers a range of styles but the heart of each song has solidly American roots.  We've created a CD we think you'll have fun listening to - so kick back and enjoy yourself.

I Can Tell (McDaniel/Smith)
Bad Case Of Love (King)
Help Me (Miller/Bass/Dixon)
Jambalaya (Williams)
Credit Card Shuffle (Stackonis)
Too Young To Die (King)
Early In The Morning (Williamson)
Mess Around (Ertegun)
Caldonia (Moore)
Flip Flop & Fly (Turner/Calhoun)
Thank You Baby (McClinton)
Off The Wall (Jacobs)

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